About us

     Dental practice Belville Dental Care is located in the newly built apartment resort Belville (building named „lily of the valley” ) in New Belgrade, next to Delta City shopping mall. Practice founder is Dr. Radoslav Boberić Vasic, graduated in 2004 at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry, University of Novi Sad. After several years of working at the Faculty of Medicine - Department of Dentistry in Novi Sad and in Dental Clinic of the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology, she opens dental practice Belville Dental Care in Belgrade.

     Our work is based on an unique system for the preservation of the mouth and teeth, as of the youngest and also for our oldest patients. In pleasant surrounding of our practice, we provide the modern programs and a wide variety of dental services, completely dedicated to the patients. We use modern dental materials and procedures including a high level of hygiene and sterilization. We consult our reputable experts from Military Medical Academy and fully analyzing each case, successfully implement all procedures in order to promote and preserve the health of your mouth and teeth. Examination and consultations are free of charge. .




The first step is rapid and accurate diagnosis


Timely and painless intervention


We will do everything we can so you can be proud of your perfect smile